Where do I call if I have an emergency after business hours?

We provide 24 hour emergency maintenance services to all of our owners and tenants.

During times outside of normal business hours:

For non-emergenciesLogin to your portal to submit a work request.

For emergencies – Please call our main line 403-329-3777 which will direct you to a member of our on call team.


How do I schedule a tour of a rental property?

Click here to schedule a tour, contact an agent, and apply.

How do I make a maintenance request?

Log in to our member portal, press service request, new service request, and fill out the scope of work needed to be done and attach pictures to better aid our maintenance team.

How much do you charge for property management?

Because of the range in properties, we recommend talking to our team for a specific quote.

What other services do you provide?

In addition to residential property management, we also provide condo and commercial property management.


When is the AGM (Annual General Meeting) going to be held?

AGM meetings are supposed to be held every 15 months, consecutively after the previous AGM meeting but Covid caused a suspension in that rule. The general answer is that the Board of Directors will set up a meeting date once restrictions are lifted and groups can meet in person again.

How do I log in to the Owner’s Portal?

Head to our homepage Login Portal and find the Owner’s portal login button.

How do I submit a service request?

Log in to the portal, press service request, new service request, and fill out the scope of work needed to be done and attach pictures to better aid our maintenance team.


When maintenance is needed, what do I do?

For repairs that are not urgent, please access the Owner Login Portal or email maintenance@braemore.ca.

For afterhours emergencies please call 403-329-3777.

What is classified as an emergency?

An emergency is anything that could shut down or hinder your business from operating. Some examples are no heat, no AC, a roof leak, or a sewage back up.

How is the regular maintenance looked after?

Regular site visits and communication with tenants is crucial to ensure the regular maintenance is being looked after in the most cost-effective way. Consider all repair costs when forecasting a 12 month budget and bulk maintenance requests to save money.

How do you ensure rent is collected?

Staying on top of rent collecting is always a top priority, pulling monthly rent roll reports, emailing or calling tenants who have not paid and working out agreements to keep the tenants up to date on their rent owing.


How can I pay my security deposit and rent?

Your security deposit can be e-transferred to noreply_secruitydeposits@braemore.ca and your rent payments can be e-transferred to noreply_rent@braemore.ca (make sure to include your name and address in the memo/notes!). We can also set you up with EFT automatic withdrawal rent payments each month to make this even more easy and convenient.

What to do if I have any maintenance issues?

Braemore tenants have access to an online Tenant’s Portal where they can see their tenant ledger and easily submit any service requests online. You may also contact our emergency maintenance phone line for any emergency maintenance such as a flood.